XVIII International student films festival "PeterKiT"

The results of the XVIII International Student Film Festival "PeterKiT"

November 19, 2018 announced the results of the XVIII International Student Film Festival "PeterKiT". The festival was held under the auspices of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs "Rosmolodezh", the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg

The "adult" festival took place in the year of the 100th anniversary of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Theater and Film Education. Competitive screenings, to which only 79 were selected from 500 works, were held within 4 days.

Among the film schools whose students sent work to the competition program: SPbGIKiT, VGIK, Moscow School of Cinema, VKSR, High School of Scriptwriters and Directors, GITR, IIS, SPbGIK, Animakot, Theater Art-Technical College, College of Entrepreneurship №11, ESAM, Lebanese university, Barriera Arte y diseño and Karnameh.

This year, for the first time, new directions were included in the competition program: popular science films and social films. For the first time, a special production contest and a television film competition were held, and for the first time special screenings of SPbGIKiT graduates' films were included in the festival program.

The number of master classes and creative meetings with the participation of leading filmmakers and professionals in the field of culture and art has increased, this year there are more than 20 of them.

The award ceremony was opened by Renata Abdulina, Chairperson of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs of St. Petersburg:

- I am grateful to the team of organizers led by Alexander Dmitrievich Evmenov, for the tremendous work that you have done. Incredibly honorable today to stand on this stage and participate in the closing ceremony, this is the moment of summing up, recognition of the winners and explanations for those who were left without a prize. Thanks to this festival for a meaningful movie, for the introduction of nominations of social and scientific genre. Thank you so much for paying the necessary attention to this!

The jury of the Festival this year was headed by director, actor and producer, honored art worker of the Russian Federation, people's artist of the Russian Federation Rudolf Furmanov. Artistic Director of the Festival - Soviet and Russian scriptwriter, director, actor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Viktor Merezhko. The President of the Festival is the rector of SPbGIKiT, professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Alexander Evmenov. Director of the Festival - Pavel Danilov, dean of the faculty of screen arts at SPbGIKiT. Scenario jury headed by the Head of the Writers' Union of St. Petersburg, a member of the Union of Cinematographers Valery Popov.

Professor Alexander Evmenov, President of the Festival, Rector of SPbGIKiT, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, congratulated the participants on the end of the festival:

- Today is a bit sad day, because the cinema feast at the festival ends, this competition program is over, but the way of your films does not end: they are waiting for new festivals and, of course, the XIX International Student Film Festival PeterKiT. I sincerely thank the jury, which was headed by Rudolf Furmanov, and congratulations from the leadership of the festival and the Institute to all the winners! To those who did not win, I want to say, remember, your debut victory is still ahead. Good luck!

Rudolf Furmanov noted the high level of professionalism of the jury and the quality of the submitted works:

- I want to thank all the members of the jury who watched all the films of the competition program so carefully. You understand, the task was very hard: do not miss the “grain of talent”. If a person accidentally chose the wrong profession, he needs to say about it. But we have not seen a single director, cameraman, producer, animator, who could say this phrase, because they are all talented and chose the right direction in life. We want to wish everyone success!

Victor Merezhko stressed that the festival corresponds to the level of the international festival:

- PeterKiT has the highest international level. Thanks to Alexander Dmitrievich Evmenov for the high bar that the festival adheres to. Guys, there is one rule: the strongest who owns himself. Never give up, good luck!

The Grand Prix took the feature film “The Old Woman” by Nikolai Savelyev (St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Technology, workshop of Sergey Ovcharov). The plot is based on the story of Misha, who at some point was lost and no longer controlled what was happening. The chain of visions and memories in his head does not want to line up in a coherent line. And the question arises: if there is an end to life, is it possible to put an end to death itself?

Sound engineer Alexander Vanyukov appeared on the stage for the prize:

- Many thanks to this festival. We make films because we love him very much - this is our passion and love. Winning the festival is just a confirmation that someone’s getting better from our film is the main reward. I am on the 5th year, and, it turns out, I have been watching the growth of the festival for a long time - during this time it has reached a decent level, it’s great that my university is developing. The profession of cinematographer is not just creative, it is associated with a lot of the work done. I wish all students to work as much as possible!

The results of the festival:

The Grand Prix of the Festival - the film “The Old Woman”, directed by Nikolai Savelyev, sound producer Alexander Vanyukov, cameraman Pavel Friedberger, producer Igor Ulanov, production designer Ekaterina Oskolkova.

The prize for the best film of the St. Petersburg School of Cinematography is the film “Left March”, directed by Olesya Yakovlev, producer Danila Yakovlev.

The prize for the best documentary - “The Musician”, director Nikolay Markov.

Prize for the best feature film - “The Tree”, directed by Khava Mukhiyeva, cameraman Natalya Makarova, sound director Arthur Khairullin, production designer Svetlana Babaytseva.

The prize for the best animated film - “Go to the Light”, director Elizaveta Perepelkina.

The prize for the best television film is “Kokokorn”, director Sofya Kulakova, cameraman Anastasia Antonova, screenwriter Karim Tugunzhokov, producer Narine Mesropyan, sound director Varvara Grushko.

The prize for the best direction is the film “The Peak of Communism”, director Georgy Boldugerov, cameraman Pavel Belyavsky, producer Alexei Lekhnitsky, Anastasia Belskaya, sound director Dmitry Krupenya, composer Georgy Himmodor, production director Alexander Zinchenko.

The prize for the best cinematography is the film “Agatha”, director Daniel Pasha, cameraman Evelina Zakirina, sound producer Alexander Vanyukov.

The prize for the best sound producer is the film “The Old Woman”, directed by Nikolai Savelyev, sound director Alexander Vanyukov, cameraman Pavel Freidenberger, producer Igor Ulanov, production director Ekaterina Oskolkova.

The prize for the best film of a foreign film school is the Quartet, directed by Alejandro Renedo Villagran.

The prize of the Production Jury in the nomination of the Best Producer is the short feature film “Yushka”. Producer Galina Fesenko.

Prize them. E. A. Rozovsky for the graphic decision in the feature film - “Return”, author-operator Ivan Turukhano (master N. Volkov and S. M. Lando)

Special prizes:

The prize for the best debut of the name of the founder of the Festival Victor Semenyuk - the film "Lighthouse", directed by Yegor Balalin.

Special prize for the best film in the nomination “Social cinema” - the film “Should we cry?”, Directed by Julia Afonina, cameraman Dmitry Serpukhovitin and the film “Peace and Memory”, directed by Kirill Kheifets, studio “Prostor”.

A special diploma for the best acting debut in student films - “The Left March” and “A.U.E.” Vyacheslav Savelyev (Anna Aleksakhina’s workshop).

Special prize in the nomination "Popular science cinema" - Dmitry Semibratov "Land of People", (Gorky Film Studio)


Jury Diploma - Sound Engineering Department, St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology and Technology for preserving the traditions of sound engineering skills

The jury diploma is “The Cove” (directed by Irina Lachkareva, sound engineer Olga Khairutdinova) for a sound solution, like “saving a drowning man”.

The jury diploma is “Ship” (director Anastasia Makhlina) for loyalty to the traditions of puppet animation.

The jury diploma is “The Hunt for Snark” (directed by Vasily Korepanov, composer Ivan Nikonorov, animator Elya Lapushkina) for the integrity of the musical and artistic solution.

Diploma of the jury - "Litvyakov to the man" (director Roman Pomerantsev) for a sensual attitude towards the profession.

Jury Diploma - Scream (directed by Tom Stenko) for excellence.

Diploma of the jury - “Before applying, read the instructions” (directed by Andrei Dorozhko) for the artistic decision of a dramatic plan.

Diploma for camera work in the game film - “Unequal Relations” by Alina Chebotaryova (master D.A. Dolinina and I.P. Naumov).

Diploma for camera work in the game film - “Thanatos” to Pavel Freidenberger (master V.A. Vasilyeva and V.A. Pavlov)

Diploma of the jury - “Flex” (directed by Anton Grachev and Chingis Darmaev) for aplomb and courage.

For the best screenplay - Maria Aksenova (workshop of N.N. Vinokurov, SPbGIKiT) for the script “Alien”

Nominations "for social acuity" - Polina Guryanova (workshop of N.N. Vinokurov, SPbGIKiT) for the script "Values"

“For dramaturgical mastery” - to Timofey Andreev (workshop of Yu. N. Klepikov, SPbGIKT) for the script “Voice of Silence”

“For Humanism” - to Chingis Darmaev (workshop of K. S. Gevorkyan, SPbGIKT) for the script “You don’t need this”

“For the diversity of genres” - Elizaveta Prokhorova (workshop of PM Stepanova, SPbGIKiT) for the scripts “No” and “Cold”

“For the creation of an atmosphere” —Elizaveta Nechunaeva (workshop of A.A. Ganshina and A.S. Zhitinsky, St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture and Technology) for the scenario “Hare, Honeysuckle, Chopin”

Audience Award:

“A.U.E.”, director: Anatoly Kornilov.

"OLD GOAT", director: George Boldugerov.

“DO YOU NEED TO cry?”, Director: Julia Afonina.

“TREE”, director: Khava Mukhieva.

"PIC COMMUNISM", director: Georgy Boldugerov.

“OLD WOMAN”, director Nikolay Savelyev.

"LITVYAKOV TO MAN", directed by Roman Pomerantsev


Дата проведения: 
14.11.2018 to 19.11.2018