History of the festival

History of the Festival

Student Film Festival Piterkit was founded at the St Petersburg State University of Film and Television in 2001 by Viktor Semenyuk, head of the Directing Department at the time. The main aim of the festival was to showcase the academic work of students, in order to provide experience and demonstrate the skills that students had picked up during the academic process.

At the beginning only our students, as well as those from the Higher State Institute of Cinema and Higher School of Directing and Screenwriting in Moscow, participated in the festival. In 2014 however PiterKit became an international festival and began accepting applications from students all over the world. Now students have the unique opportunity to see the work of their contemporaries from other countries.

PiterKit is a well-known event not only in our university, but in all St Petersburg based film schools, something which is evident in the students’ work. For a long period of time Sergei Ovcharov was the Artistic Director of the festival, and members of the jury consist of many renowned names in the world of cinema – Aleksei Balabanov, Aleksandr Rogozhkin, Sergei Debizhev, Gleb Panfilov, Sergei Miroshinchenko, Vladimir Khotinenko, and others.

This year the festival’s director is Viktor Budilov, Dean for the Faculty of Screen Arts and Director for the Department of Production. The festival this year is an open competition, giving students an even greater opportunity to get vital experience and to demonstrate their own work.