Pertaining to XVII International Film Festival “PiterKit”

organised by the St Petersburg University of Film and Television

15th-19th November 2017

Festival Organisation

St Petersburg State University of Film and Television and Non-Profit Organisation Prosveshchenie, with the support of the Russian Ministry for Culture, St Petersburg council, St Petersburg government and the Leningrad Oblast present the XVII International Student Film Festival “PiterKit”.

The festival is held with the aim of improving the professional capabilities of future Russian filmmakers.

The president of the festival is Aleksandr Evmenov – Rector of the university.

For the organisation and running of the festival, the president approves the organising committee and the regulations of the festival.

Live action, documentary, television, animation and multimedia films are accepted into the festival.

The Festival has two stages.

The preliminary stage, the viewing of submitted films, lasts until 10th October.

The university’s artistic council is the jury at this stage.

Successful applicants will go through to the second stage, the main competition, which takes place on 15th-19th November.

The festival programming includes an opening and closing ceremony, screenings of the festival programme, a showcase of theatre by the universities of St Petersburg, master classes from leading Russian filmmakers, a photography competition and the pitching of student projects.

PiterKit Programme

The Festival Programme includes:

  1. Competition programme, made up of films submitted by students from Russian universities.
  2. Debut Film Competition (first films shot during the academic process, generally made by those in their first of second year of study).
  3. International Competition Programme, made up of films submitted by students from foreign film schools.
  4. Screenwriting competition.
  5. Master Classes lead by Russian filmmakers.
  6. Creative meeting with leading figures in filmmaking.
  7. Conference and round table on the problems of developing student filmmaking in the Russian Federation and St Petersburg.
  8. Competition of journalistic photographs taken during the festival's events.
  9. Pitching of student projects.


Conditions for participation


  1. The festival does not accept films that have already participated in previous PiterKit festivals.
  2. The festival accepts films from students at Russian universities as well as students at foreign film schools.
  3. Films must have been made by the student during the academic process.
  4. Duration of films should be no longer than 26 minutes.
  5. Films can be registered by 30th September, provided the filmmaker has filled in the registration form found on the website A copy of the film should adhere to the technical requirements published on the website.
  6. Filmed submitted to the festival should have:
  7. Films can be sent on a memory stick or flash drive, the parameters of which are defined by the festival's technical support team. These must arrive by 30th September 2017, otherwise they will not be accepted into the festival.
  8. Films with incomplete sound and editing film will not be accepted.
  9. Memory sticks or flash drives will not be sent back to filmmakers and will be stored in the festival's archives.
  10. Filmmakers should present necessary programme materials within the timeframe set by the festival's organising committee: namely three stills from the film, a photo of the filmmaker and a brief plot summary.
  11. Submitted films will be judged by the selection committee, made up of cinema experts.
  12. Films submitted will not be reviewed.
  13. The time and place of the competition screening will be decided by the festival's organising committee.


Festival Jury


  1. The festival jury, made up of industry leaders in art and cinema, is put together by the festival's organising committee and are responsible for judging the competition programme. The jury shall consist of no more than y members.




The jury will hand out the following prizes following the festival's conclusion:

  1. Festival Grand Prix
  2. Best Director of a Live Action Film
  3. Best Documentary
  4. Best Animation
  5. Best Cinematography
  6. Best Sound
  7. Best Foreign Film
  8. The Viktor Semenyuk Prize for Best Debut Film
  9. The Eduard Rozovsky "White Sun" Special prize (awarded by the Department of Cinematography)
  10. Best Screenplay

The jury hold the right to award additional prizes should they see fit.

If a prize winner is unable to pick up his/her prize at the festival's closing ceremony, the prize may be picked up after the festival's conclusion from the organising ceremony, or by another member of the production team.


Final regulations

  1. The organising committee holds the right to use clips from submitted films (no longer than 3 minutes) for advertising purposes.
  2. The organising committee holds the right use winning films for a DVD release
  3. The organising committee holds the right to send competition films, pending permission from the filmmaker, to other Russian and international film festivals.
  4. Participation in the film festival indicates a full compliance with the regulations.


Contact Details


St Petersburg, Ulitsa Pravdy, dom 13

Faculty of Screen Arts, Department of Directing

Telephone: +7812 315-71-42