of the XVIII PiterKiT International Student Film Festival

November 14-18, 2018

The Festival is aimed at improving professional skills of the aspiring film-makers in Russia.



  1. The Festival is organized and held  by State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training  Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television (hereinafter - SPbGIKiT) and Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Prosvescheniye”, supported by the Ministry of Culture RF, Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg, Government of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad District, the ‘Pokrov’ Association for Advancement of Spiritual and Moral Education.


  1. President of the Festival is Alexander Dmitrievich Evmenov – Rector of SPbGIKiT.


  1. The Organizing Committee shall be appointed to organize the Festival.



The Festival Programme 

The Festival is held in November 14-18, 2018 in Saint-Petersburg within the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

The Festival Programme includes:

- holding the opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival;

- contest shows of fiction feature films, documentaries, television and animated films;

- screenplays contest;

- workshops and creative meetings with leading film-makers;

- theatre showings of creative higher educational institutions of Saint-Petersburg;

- conferences and round table discussions on developing the modern Cinematography.



The Festival Jury

To evaluate films of the Contest Programme, the Organizing Committee nominates the jury consisting of lead cultural and art figures.

To evaluate screenplays of the Contest Programme, the Organizing Committee nominates the jury consisting of lead cultural and art figures.


The Festival Awards and Diplomas

Regarding the results of the jury’s meetings, the awards are as follows:


1. Grand-Prix

2. Best Film of Saint-Petersburg School of Cinematography

3. Best Documentary

4. Best Fiction Feature Film

5. Best Animated Film

6. Best Television Film

7. Best Director

8. Best Cinematography

9. Best Sound Director

10. Best Producer

11. Best Foreign Film

12. Best Screenplay awarded by screenplay jury



Special Awards:

- The Viktor Semenyuk Best Debut Award, named after the Festival’s founder;

- The Eduard Rozovsky ‘White Sun’ Special Prize awarded by the Department of Cinematography.


The jury is entitled to distinguish some other Contest films and screenplays with diplomas.


Terms for Films Participation in the Contest Programme

  1. Applications are submitted via the registration form on the  site (see Application Form in Appendix  №1)
  2. The Festival admits to participation fiction feature films, documentaries, television films, animated short-length films, which have been featured during the educational process by students of professional film schools for 2016-2018.
  3. Films submitted to the Festival shall not contain propaganda of violence, national, racial and religious intolerance, and human’s moral feelings offence.  
  4. The Festival considers only the films which have not been participated in the PiterKiT Festivals of previous years. 
  5. Film length shall not be more than 30 minutes.  
  6. Author’s application should provide the following:

- information about his\her film – title and summary in Russian and English languages, 3 film shots, trailer, poster;    

- information about film director and film crew, director’s photo;

-  dialogue continuity in Russian and English languages (see Dialogue Continuity Form in Appendix №2).

- link to the film’s watching and downloading for showing, it shall meet the Festival’s technical requirements: codec h.264; resolution  1920*1080; progressive 25fps (1080p25) or interlaced 50fps (1080i50); Upper Field First; maximum quality; Audio 16 bit, 48000Hz, stereo,  no compression.

  1. For all Russian films it is essential to have the opening vignette showing the film’s age limit (0+;6+;12+;16+;18+) and warnings on smoking tobacco scenes, if any. Length of both vignettes shall be not more than 3-5 seconds.
  2. In case of failure to provide the film and related materials in due time, or the film’s noncompliance to specified requirements, the Organizing Committee of the Festival reserves the right to exclude the film from the Contest Programme.
  3.  Show time and place in the Contest Programme for the selected film are defined by the Festival Organizing Committee.
  4.   Copies of films on digital media submitted to the Festival participation shall not be given back to authors but kept in the Festival archive.


Terms for the Screenplay Contest Participation

1. The Festival admits screenplays to the Screenplay Contest participation in Russian language by students from educational institutions of culture and art of Russian Federation, which have been created for 2017-2018 studying year.

2. Each student can submit one full-length film screenplay and not more than two short-length film screenplays at a time for the Festival participation.

3. Participants can apply till October 5, 2018 according to the registration form filled in by authors on the site.

4. All screenplays submitted to the Festival Screenplay Contest participation should have the title page with the following information: Name of Educational Institution, Screenplay Title, Author’s First Name and Last Name, Year of Study, Full Name of the Workshop Leader.

5. Screenplays submitted to the Festival are kept in the Festival archive and they can be used for publishing in the student screenplay collection by agreement with authors. As well as they are provided to the SPbGIKiT Educational Film and Video Centre, and OOO Small Innovative Enterprise ‘SPbGIKiT-Debut’ Producing Center’.


Personal Data

Applying for the Festival Contest Programme participation, the author gives his/her consent to the processing his/her personal data, as defined in the Federal Law of July 27, 2006  № 152-FZ ‘On Personal Data’, indicated in the application and in materials submitted to the Contest, by any means (including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking and destruction), and confirms that giving this consent he/she acts freely by his own will and for own benefit. The author guarantees that he/she obtained consent for personal data processing from other individuals working on the film submitted for the Contest, and if necessary, upon request of the Festival Organizing Committee it shall be provided to the latter.


Film Selection Stages

1. Applications for the Festival Film Contest Programme participation shall be submitted from April 30, 2018 till September 20, 2018.

2. Official Selection of Russian and international films shall be done by the Selection Board nominated by the Festival Organizing Committee.

3. The Festival Organizing Committee compiles the Contest Programme and approves it at the SPbGIKiT Creative Review Committee.

4. The Contest Programme with listed films shall be published on the site not less than two weeks before the Festival.

5. Films included into the Official Selection are to be presented during the Festival which is held in November 14-18, 2018.


Final Provisions

1. The Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right to use film episodes (not more than three minutes) for the Festival promotion.

2. Applicant of a film, to whom the dispute arises, is liable to any third-parties claims and actions dealt with the copy rights and related rights

3. The Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right to use film-winners for recording and DVD releases aimed at the Festival promotion.

4. The Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right to play and use video recordings of the Festival events in the Internet and Mass Media aimed at the Festival popularization.

5. Participation in the Festival presumes unconditional consent with its Regulations.


The PiterKiT Festival Organizing Committee Contacts:

Saint-Petersburg, Pravdy street, building 13, room 1205

Faculty of Screen Arts

Tel. +7 (812) 315-71-42