From 15th to 19th November the St Petersburg State University for Film and Television will hold XVII International Student Film Festival “PiterKit”. This year the festival is an open competition. Applications are open from 1st September to 5thOctober.

Applications are accepted in accordance with the festival regulations.

Films should also adhere to the technical requirements of the festival.

Participants of the festival

Sickness ()
Болезнь ()
Дымшиц Семён
Игровое кино
Duration: 09:20

Берлов Никита
Игровое кино
Duration: 05:18

Юный Новый Год (новогодняя быль)
Заргарян Элен
Игровое кино
Duration: 18:00
Воробьёва Мария
Игровое кино
Duration: 22:00